Luotsi Entertainment

Release Date:

June 2017




Strategy | Space



Game Description

Game Features

  • Utilize the ship editor and unleash your creativity with a powerful tool allowing you to create new ships or improve the old ones. 

  • Strategically wage large scale battles with hundreds of procedurally generated enemy units.

  • See the ships you carefully designed fight in large-scale battles with up to hundreds of procedurally generated enemies.

  • Beautiful minimalistic graphics with zoom options allowing you to view the entire star system or zoom in and see individual ship parts working


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About The Developer

Luotsi Entertainment

Luotsi Entertainment is a one-man studio founded in 2011 by Antti Pouru, where he has spent the last several years creating Navalia. Antti’s video game development activities include the development of several iOS and Android apps as well as working for Frozenbyte on several games, most notably Trine 2.

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