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Greylight Entertainment

Release Date:

September 2015




Action | Adventure | Horror


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Game Description

STAIRS is a first-person atmospheric psychological horror game that takes players through the stories of three missing people as seen through the eyes of journalist Christopher Adams. Start preparing yourself now, for to descend down these steps is to descend into madness. STAIRS is inspired by real-life events, twisted into an original tale of terror, despair and sadness. Using a camera and journal, players set out to unravel the grizzly mysteries behind three stories - Valerie Berkley, a high school graduate; James Reed, a young businessman; and Jean Jowars Remens, a charismatic pastor. What happened to them? What do they have to do with each other? Creep down the stairs and discover the truth for yourself… if you dare.

Game Features

  • A tale of psychological horror that spans 3 diverse story arcs with thematic connections

  • Inspired by a series of horrific real-life events, recreated with a twist of fiction

  • Use your camera to capture supernatural elements that progress the story and open new areas

  • Utilize notes in your Journal to help track your progress, story beats and evaluate clues

  • Dynamic, immersive sound design sends chills down your spine while building palpable tension

  • Real-time story elements unravel the game’s narrative without interrupting gameplay

  • Explore interactive environments and solve cleverly crafted puzzles to find what you need to advance through the story


Mountain Lake
Beach Huts
Ferris Wheel
Palm Trees
City Cycle
Misty Slopes
Fire Wood
Foggy Pier
Cafe in Autumn
Blue Stairway
Two Flamingos
Old City Street
River Boathouse

About The Developer

Greylight Entertainment

GreyLight Entertainment is an independent game studio located in Karlshamn Sweden. The team members mostly met while they were completing their university studies and were united by their common interest in creating a game utilizing real-life events. The team really enjoys putting a dark twist on anything they do, often scouring history for different, strange and disturbing events to take inspiration from.

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