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Release Date:

October 2014




Action | RPG | Rogue-like


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Game Description

In TinyKeep players will embrace the role of a hopeless prisoner held deep in a forgotten dungeon who one day wakes up to find themselves mysteriously released. Their savior is nowhere to be seen, but the cell door is broken and ajar, tempting them with the sweet scent of freedom. With nothing but a flickering lantern and a strange letter left behind by their in-mate, they must venture into the darkness and escape TinyKeep! Lure monsters into traps, knock over fire torches to set the dungeon alight and set prisoners free to help you on your way. Enemies will work together in groups to hunt you down, and some will flee from threats. You can also take advantage of monster rivalries and lead them against each other, while you wait behind a corner as the resulting chaos ensues. There are many ways to survive in TinyKeep.

Game Features

  • Procedurally generated random dungeons – no playthrough is ever the same!

  • Watch your step as it can be your last! Extremely challenging Permadeath gameplay

  • Explore a variety of beautiful but deadly environments. From the cold slimy walls of the dungeon to the hot fiery pits of hell, TinyKeep is a visual treat.

  • Battle a variety of intelligent enemies, each one determined to make your escape as difficult as possible. Creatures work together to chase you down, flee from threats and fight each other for dominance.

  • Use traps and environmental hazards to your advantage - fire, spike pits and rotating crushers hurt your enemies as well as you!

  • Collect coins from fallen foes to purchase random player-altering Buffs that just might give you the advantage you need to make it out alive.

  • Rescue other captives to fight along side you, but beware as you never know which ones have gone crazy trapped up in the Keep.

  • Experience 3 separate endings to the game, depending on how you play.

  • Hours of gameplay with Secrets that extend the experience – Discover items and weapons that can slow down time, render you invincible or provide secret saves.

  • New Game+ mode for players that prefer the extra challenge!


Mountain Lake
Beach Huts
Ferris Wheel
Palm Trees
City Cycle
Misty Slopes
Fire Wood
Foggy Pier
Cafe in Autumn
Blue Stairway
Two Flamingos
Old City Street
River Boathouse

About The Developer


Phigames is a collaboration of several passionate British individuals who just absolutely love making games. The team is led by Phi Dinh, a passionate gamer and developer. Phi realized he had a future in the video game industry when his submission at 2 Ludum Dare events each ranked in the top 2%. When not freelancing, Phi is constantly exploring innovative and creative ways to advance his contribution to the industry.

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